Message from the Chair

The Forsyth County Chamber’s mission is to advance positive business growth and community partnerships to promote a superior quality of life for all who live in Forsyth County. The Chamber Board, its staff and its membership strived to fulfill this mission with some very big ideas in 2018. From research efforts regarding a new home and brand for our Chamber to a five-year development plan that will continue Forsyth’s success into the future, I am proud of what our Chamber has accomplished in 2018 and what is in store for the future.

Outstanding communities and economies do not develop by chance. They are built on the foundation of leadership and relationships. We are blessed to have both of these in Forsyth County.

As the sole economic development entity in our community, your Chamber serves as a center point in facilitating relationships between Forsyth County and our business community. This streamlined, center point approach gives us a competitive advantage in attracting businesses to our community and helping retain businesses that are already here.  The result of the partnership between local government and the Chamber is that our community is a great place for businesses to succeed and for county residents to prosper. 

In 2018, we saw 38 new and existing companies create nearly 1,200 new jobs.  We saw more than $183 million in new capital investment. And Forsyth County continues to lead the state in population growth and job growth. Despite this growth, our unemployment rate is just three percent.  In light of our strong business community, coupled with Forsyth County’s internationally recognized schools, it is easy to see why our community continues to be at the top of national lists measuring prosperity and quality of life.

Despite the strong year that the Chamber enjoyed in 2018, your Chamber is already hard at work to make sure that 2019 is an even greater success. 2018 saw the creation of an economic development plan.  2019 will see that plan come to life.  2018 saw an evaluation process to determine that the Chamber needs to re-fresh its brand. 2019 will see the launch of that refreshed brand.  And 2018 saw the Chamber identify that we have outgrown our current location.  2019 will see the Chamber lay the foundation for its new home.  In short, great work and plans were made in 2018, but there remains much to do.  Based on the dedicated team that we have at the Chamber I have full confidence that we will meet our goals and challenges with diligence and, ultimately, success.        

In closing, I appreciate the opportunity to serve as Chairman of the Chamber Board of Directors. The Chamber is our community’s venue to channel the incredible collective resources of great business people to create economic opportunity.  To achieve the Chamber’s goals, we require support from many sources, but it all starts with you.  To that end, I extend my sincere gratitude for your commitment to the Chamber of Commerce and Forsyth County and look forward to our continued collaboration in 2019 and beyond.




Kevin McDonough



Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce