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25.06.2015 14:00 Age: 5 yrs
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By: Laura Stewart, Director of Communications and Dan Boling

The Chamber's Role in the Community

A Chamber Intern's Perspective

The Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce is proud to participate in an intern program, where students from the University of North Georgia become a part of our staff. These interns are exposed to a wide range of Chamber initiatives, ranging from marketing, economic development, tourism, event planning, and other programs. One of our most recent interns, Dan Boling, wrote an essay titled “Small Business and its Role on Economic Development.” We’d like to share some of his insights on how the Chamber impacts the community, and why our work is critical to the community’s success.

Dan notes that “Of all the businesses in Forsyth County, 89 percent of them have under 500 employees; thus, the majority of the observed economic prosperity is coming from those small businesses.” His statement backs up the Chamber’s belief that small businesses are the basis of growth for Cumming and Forsyth County, and he continues with, “The goal of any business is to grow, and small businesses have much more potential for growth than larger corporations. Any number of factors can influence the growth of a business, but a strong development organization is one of the best assistance opportunities that a small business can use to grow.”  The Chamber is dedicated to being the advocate for business in the area. When a business is small, it’s hard for it to advocate for itself; that’s why the Chamber is dedicated to providing the guidance necessary to help smaller businesses succeed.

Dan’s essay also touches on the role of small business growth in the economy of a community despite the common perception that large corporations are better for community development. While a large corporation moving into the area might provide a short-term jolt in the economic arm, small businesses provide a more long-term impact. Dan observes, “If there are many small businesses in the community, it is easier for members of that community to have larger stakes in those companies, resulting in more people actively contributing to business in the community, by doing business with these small organizations. This more even distribution of wealth and growth may not be the fastest way a community can develop economically, but it will ensure steady and permanent economic growth for the future.” While the Chamber welcomes businesses of all sizes, it also works to help small businesses integrate into the community as they grow with classes and programs that teach small business owners how to manage their growth.

Dan concludes: “For a community to develop economically in the most stable and permanent way possible, development organizations must assist the growth of small organizations, rather than recruiting large ones. Public and private development partnerships can jumpstart a competitive small business arena within a community, resulting in a more even distribution of wealth and creation of jobs, leading to steady economic development of the community, which will improve all aspects of living in the community, resulting in an increased quality of life, that will continue to increase as the economy develops.” That’s why we work to coordinate all the talent and resources of the Cumming-Forsyth Chamber of Commerce. If one business grows, the entire community benefits.

We appreciate Dan’s insights. All of our interns learn skills beyond the classroom and enhance their professional growth. If you’d like to learn more about the Chamber’s internship program, contact Laura Stewart at