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25.03.2021 22:13 Age: 2 yrs

Let’s Thank Them, FoCo!

For eight consecutive years Forsyth County has been named the Healthiest County in Georgia by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. While many factors contribute to this remarkable ranking, Northside Hospital Forsyth is one of the largest contributors to our community’s outstanding health levels. This has been true for many years but perhaps never as evident as it was in 2020 as we all faced a global health crisis.

While many were astonished, the team at Northside Forsyth was strategizing. While many were debating about how to re-engage, the team at Northside Forsyth was fighting in the trenches of the unknown. And while many experienced cabin-fever, the team at Northside Forsyth was experiencing exhaustion.

The Forsyth County Chamber spent much time in 2020 focusing on what needed to be done to support our small business community. In 2021, the Chamber staff used that same lens as it considered how the community could show support and appreciation to all of Forsyth County’s healthcare professionals and, more specifically, the team at Northside Forsyth. Under these efforts, the FoCo4Fronliners initiative was created.

The FoCo4Frontliners project lets our healthcare professionals know how much we appreciate them by gifting each of Northside Hospital Forsyth’s employees with an official initiative T-shirt (that has been approved by Northside Forsyth to be worn at work) and as many Visa gift cards as possible.

Consider joining the project and making a contribution, via the North Georgia Community Foundation’s, FoCo4Frontliners fund. All donations made via the North Georgia Community Foundation are tax deductible. Visit to learn more.