Georgia Tax Abatements That Your Business Can Utilize

Taxes in the New Year As we are in the early months of 2019, some businesses in Georgia are taking stock of their tax strategy for the new year. Ultimately, there have been several changes that corporate America is still...[more]


2019 Economic Outlook for the Healthcare Industry

Significant changes in the past several years have impacted the healthcare industry, from the passage of the Affordable Care Act to the rise of big data and other disruptive technologies. In 2019, the industry will continue to...[more]


2019 Excellence in Business Award Winners

The Awards and Gala The Business Advancement Resource (BAR), a council of the Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce, hosted the Excellence in Business Awards Gala on February 7th at the Forsyth Conference Center. Each...[more]


5 Marketing Trends to Pay Attention to in 2019

No matter where your business is located, it is helpful to examine your company’s current marketing strategy and marketing plans for 2019. In all likelihood, your business is getting more competitive. Marketing is just one...[more]


What to Know About Debt Financing for Technological Companies

Funding Growth If you scan any of the headlines in the Wall Street Journal or other financial or tech publications, you will undoubtedly find news of yet another tech company that has raised millions of dollars of equity...[more]


The Top Five Trends Driving Modern Manufacturing

Manufacturing Society Logo

Manufacturing in Georgia If you live or operate a business in Georgia, your life is, at the very least, indirectly affected by the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing accounts for 90 percent of Georgian exports. For the last...[more]


Exploring Technological Trends in 2019

New Year New Technological Trends As 2019 quickly approaches, businesses throughout Georgia are preparing for the start of the new year. Because the business world has become more and more competitive, every business needs to...[more]

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