Chairman's Cabinet

The Chairman's Cabinet represents businesses and individuals who have chosen to invest in the Forsyth County Chamber at a higher level to ensure the voice of business is heard. They are also leaders in the community that invest time and money toward job creation, quality of life, workforce development and marketing goals of the community's economic development partners.

The direction provided by this committed group of professionals has become the foundation for the economic well-being of Forsyth County.

Surrounded by success through the Chairman's Cabinet, the most powerful and influential of Forsyth County's business leaders have found a common ground in which to share ideas, develop county-wide initiatives and offer a hand up to emerging businesses that are now making their impact in our community.

Membership in the Chairman's Cabinet puts you among these dedicated voices and offers you the opportunity to become involved in the Forsyth County Chamber at a higher level.

Why Chairman’s Cabinet?

We are the major driver behind many initiatives and your membership dollars help support that at the Chairman’s Cabinet level. The greater your involvement and support, the more we can do to better the community.

> We are the sole economic development entity in the community

> We are the tourism entity in the community. 

> Primary driver behind the “Propel Initiative” (raise graduation rate to 95%)

> Primary voice in community for great schools that lead the nation

> Primary driver behind the “Business First” Initiative

> Unifying voice within the community